Global System Solutions combines technological expertise with an understanding of the operational impact to your business. Our experienced consultants work as your advocate to provide innovative business solutions to today’s day-to-day operational challenges. Utilizing a “Guardian Angel” project philosophy, we work hand in hand with your organization to ensure a successful project completion tailored to your business interest.

We offer a wide range of services to help fulfill your vision, providing innovative business solutions to your operational challenges.

Business solutions at GSS

GSS Automated Business Solutions

Utilizing our innovative Data Management Support Services (DMSS) along with the application expertise of our business analysts, we can provide automated business solutions to many of your business’s operational issues and ever-changing industry mandates.

We have employed this technology in many organizations throughout the years, from basic elimination of manual transaction entry, to automate testing required for software releases, to stopgap or even long-term production support and augmentation tools. These solutions can be customized and branded to your company’s requirements.

The following are a few examples of how our client base has utilized DMSS:

  • Automated client report testing comparisons
  • Automated preparation and formatting of data for conversion preparation
  • Mainframe System client account reconciliations and conversions of cash and security positions
  • Fund-to-Fund automated reconciliations
  • Customized operational reporting engines
  • Automated User Acceptance Testing and data comparisons
  • Autoloading and pairing of contractual TBA trades
  • Automated cash reconciliation of actual suspense entries mainframe to alternate systems
  • Automated loading and staging of AML data from mainframe system to AML sub-system
  • GSS UAT Automation for client reporting
  • Asset servicing / mutual fund client support
  • Fee billing migration
  • Automation of Trade Capture Order Entry
  • Cost Basis Reporting project support
  • GSS Report Test Coverage Design and Methodology
  • STP analysis
  • Automated tracking and routing of account indicative data for account setup and workflow
  • User-friendly tool for converting poorly formatted mainframe report data to Excel formats
GSS Automated Business Solutions

While the needs of each client may be similar, GSS understands that each client is unique. We customize each solution using a rapid development support methodology, producing measurable results quickly and effectively.

System Search and Due Diligence Analysis

The GSS team can provide your company an independent and unbiased focus on system selection, while providing the tools and information you need to make the right decision for your operation. Our analysts work directly with the stakeholders to provide the best recommendation for your operation.

Implementation and Onboarding Specialist

Our firm and many of our senior associates have over 20+ years experience in financial system implementations and client on-boarding with years of case studies to back up our results. The GSS team, utilizing its “Guardian Angel” philosophy, protects your interests and goals, not the chosen vendor. GSS can assist with all aspects of a system implementation, including:

  • Project Management
  • Workflow Enhancements and Procedure Development
  • System Enhancement Design and Development
  • Client Statement Outsourcing
  • Custom Reporting
  • Reconciliation
  • Database Consolidation
  • Data Migration (Fund, Investment, Asset Position, and Transaction)

Business Analysts and Reengineering

GSS Business Analysts have the industry experience required to understand your business. We work directly with the users to determine the most efficient and cost effective procedures for your operation. Whether you are looking to expand your client base, reduce expenses, implement new regulatory controls, or simply need production support assistance, our operations advocates will help you achieve your vision. The following identifies many our areas of expertise:

  • Wealth Management and Fund Accounting
  • Domestic and Global Trust Administration
  • Retirement services accounting systems
  • Reconciliation tracking and statistics software
  • Financial accounting systems and database restructuring
  • Policyholder and claims support
  • Global Custody system implementation and OPS support
  • SWIFT and third-party custodian interfaces
  • Corporate Actions systems
  • Security Lending and Collateral Management