About GSS

Global System Solutions (GSS) was established in 1998, providing consulting support for financial services institutions.   We are a group of experienced, dedicated, hard-working professionals with a wealth of business and technical knowledge who look to rapidly engage with your staff to understand the uniqueness of your business, execute projects on time and on budget, and provide innovative solutions for each client. Our client base represents many of the world’s leading financial institutions. We have a proven track record of providing successful business and technology solutions to our clients.

Our GSS Automation Tools and Data Management Support Services (DMSS) are cornerstones of our company that have been developed and fine-tuned over the years. From automated testing to complex data mapping, GSS devised a methodology for rapidly developing automated data manipulation, staging, testing, and data comparison tools.

About GSS

These automated tools are custom developed using “off-the-shelf” software that is quick to implement and readily maintained by our clients. Our automation performs the data collection from multiple system and format sources that are unified in a centralized data hub model, with a user front end that is branded and scalable across an enterprise. Our innovative automation tools, along with our operational expertise, provide our clients with solutions to many of the operational challenges faced by the financial industry over the past 20 years.

By combining our technical expertise with our understanding of operational impact, we connect IT’s vision to operational needs.

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Corporate Philosophy

Global System Solutions’ (GSS) corporate culture is one of hands-on, dedicated, and customized support service tailored to our client specific requirements. We are a niche support firm, providing and delivering specific support talents to our targeted client base.

All members of the firm, including our senior partners, are involved with both direct and on-site consulting to our clients. Our “guardian angel” and “roll-up-our-sleeves” approach have given us credibility in the industry as a niche service provider, earning our company many repeat clients over the years.

Our firm’s strengths are derived from our bench staff’s years of experience, as they are diversified in the skillsets they bring to the fore. All GSS staff members are considered business analysts regardless of focus on operational support or IT development.